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Buying a Condo London Ontario & Area


   Make Buying a Townhouse, Town Home or Apartment Condo in London More Pleasant

     search condos in London Ontario on MLS

  The specific way you progress through a condo buying transaction varies on the property, the timing, the seller and market conditions.

  You'll feel more confident about your condo buying journey when you understand what is required of you and every other person who is involved in the transaction.

  I believe that there should be a thorough plan BEFORE a  buyer even starts looking because when there is a systematic plan in place before you shop, you’ll know what to expect and if any unforeseen events occur, you will know how to overcome them.

                             Working to ensure you find the right condo for you

 I know some buyers prefer to search MLS real estate listings, go to lots of open houses, spend weekends & evenings looking and looking and trying to find the right place or perhaps, even a bargain, for you "lone rangers," go for it!

 As a professional Realtor and owner of the brokerage, I have helped hundreds of house & condo buyers in London Ontario, and I can verify that buying a home can take an enormous amount of time,  patience & fortitude,  I do it every day and I can tell you, there are events and people that sometimes challenge my mindset!

  search condos in London Ontario on MLS

 For those of you who are looking for that ideal condo, perhaps one not even on MLS yet & would like professional real estate guidance, negotiation, diligence and care, our "Dedicated Home Buyer Program" may be something that you will find will benefit you and your family. 


         Happy Buyers of a condo in London Ontario


  The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has created a  guide to help you become an informed condominium buyer and to help you make the best choice. At the end of the CMHC Guide, you will find full definitions of some of the terms used.

   It will identify essential questions to ask—and the people you should be asking—before you make this important purchase.

  Searching to buy a condo in London Ontario

 At the end of the report, there is a selection checklist to help you narrow down the choice between the different types of condominiums you might see.

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  Another excellent information tool is our Condos in London guide,  one that I have been providing to Londoners for the last 15 years, in it you will see price ranges and styles of condos, neighbourhoods, specific buildings or complexes, local London Ontario links and telephone numbers, maps and tips.

   I hope you will find it as helpful as hundreds of these clients have.

Here are a few more free information reports for you with no strings attached, no obligation what so ever!


Insider Condo Buyer Tips No One Tells You About
Finding the right condo for you and then making an offer & getting it accepted means “buying it right.” If you’re like most, the decision to buy a condo involves a number of stresses and strains & for 90% of buyers; it’s the single largest financial transaction of their lives. Not being thorough in any part of the buying process may cost you thousands. That’s why I wrote this exclusive report…to give you a number of helpful, straightforward tips for buying a condo that meets your needs, AND in time become a wise financial investment for you.
London Ontario Condo Guide
A helpful guide for condos in London with area prices, styles, neighbourhoods, apartment condos, town homes & townhouses, phone numbers& access to further condo rules and good practices. Exclusive to Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate because we designed it, wrote it and published it, and it is yours with no obligation and best of all, no charge!
A Committed Real Estate Buyer Guide
Our Exclusive 37 Page Real Estate Buyer's Guide takes you from starting to think about a purchase and all the steps from start to finish, you moving in! You will be able to buy with confidence that the price you pay and the property you chose is right for you. As well, packing and moving check lists, who to call, choosing a home inspector, lawyers, 8 home comparison check lists , how to be thorough, even coping with your pets when moving. Get this free 37 page free report now!
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Buying a Townhouse in London Ontario

 Buying a townhouse in London Ontario and the area is entirely different than buying a house in London. Yes, it involves bricks and mortar,  negotiations, home inspections and legal work.

                                     65 Fiddlers Green

  The most significant difference is having full knowledge of All the townhouse communities in London Ontario, the amenities, the prices comparable to the condition of each unit you are thinking of BEFORE you make an offer!

 In my experience, most buyers get so caught up in the buying experience that their emotions overcome their perspective and in turn, little things become big things.

  I have found that the checklist of things to look out for that my clients find useful, the precise steps to follow from start to finish makes a huge difference in a condo buyer's happiness!

  I have built this website to share ideas, experiences, the good and the bad.


What is The London Ontario Condo Market Doing?

  Every day I get asked these four questions about the London Ontario condo market.

  1. “What is the London Ontario condo market doing?”
  2. “When is the best time to buy or sell a condo?”
  3. “How much should I offer?”
  4. “What should I list it for?”


 Questions & Answers About Condos in London Ontario

    The first step in answering any of the above four questions is knowing how the London condo market performed factually, not by guesswork or perceptions. Most days I have a detailed list of actual sale prices, days on the market, selling price ratio to the asking price and price reductions. 

 You can too as well!

 From my experience in helping educate Londoners about condos in London, these averages may not hold for your building or complex.

 Before buying a condo in London or selling a condo in London, you may want to get what I call “brutal truth factual numbers” about what prices are today and not an opinion where prices are heading or what someone received for their unit 6 months ago.

 Price, condition, style and location dictates what a condo sells for and how long it will take to market. For buyers, you will not be overpaying, and for condo sellers, you will not leave money on the table or over price your condo because of blind optimism or false perceptions!

 Works every time! Want some answers?

How Not To Be Disappointed in The Apartment Condominium You Eventually Buy

 How valuable would it be to you if you knew beforehand that the condo you were thinking of buying was either overpriced or not right for you?

  Most never know or realize they overpaid or their condo was not right for them until after they move in or when it comes time to sell!

 I see this time after time, and there is no need for that ever happening if the buyer was informed BEFORE they start the condo buying process!

Be Informed

Top 10 Condos For Sale in London Ontario

    If you are finding it confusing searching MLS, newspapers and magazines or agent websites for a condo in London Ontario, I get it!

Searching condos in London for sale on MLS

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Knowing the price, styles, location and amenities that every condo apartment or townhome or townhouse complex has in London can be daunting and my goal when working with a buyer  is to first educate about what is available, then assist in narrowing down the search and then offer  guidance and experience & negotiating skills to get the best property that fits.

  In London at present there are these apartment condos for sale in London Ontario:

  • 4 under $100,000
  • 6  $100,000 - $150,000
  • 8  $150,000 - $200,000
  • 17 $200,000 - $300,000
  • 11   $300,000 - $400,000
  • 22 over $400,000

Top 10

    Top 10 Apartment Condos For Sale in London  (My Picks)
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Description
2 1+1 $178,950 near Western
2 2 $188,000 ensuite laundry, freshly painted
2 1+1 $181,900 Downtown, hardwood, fireplace, five appliances
2 2 $265,000 Five appliances, pool, underground parking
2 2 $289,900 9' ceilings, hardwood, ceramic, master ensuite
2 2 $299,900 Luxury, green space, underground parking
2+1 2 $479,000 Downtown, luxurious, spacious
2 2 $499,000 1850 square feet +, a wow factor
2 2+1 $669,000 Great View
    Top 10 Townhouses



 Top 10 Townhouse Condos For Sale in London (My Picks)
Bedrooms Bathrooms Price Description
3 1+1 $189,900 Forced air, finished basement
3 2 $199,900 Finished Basement, Patio, five appliances
3 2 $215,900 Master ensuite, garage, bus route UWO
4 2+1 $249,000 garage, finished basement, large rooms


2+1 $289,000

Walk to UWO, garage

2+1 2+1 $339,000

one floor, double garage, finished basement

2+1 2+1 $399,900 one floor, detached, double garage, finished basement
2+1 2+1 $449,000 End unit, park-like setting, one floor, double garage
2+1 2+1 $579,900

Exclusive area, 3500 square feet +, double garage


  Townhouse Condos that are currently for sale:

  • 1 under $100,000
  • 2 $100,000 -$150,000
  • 7 $150,000 - $200,000
  • 8 $200,000 - $300,000
  • 8 $300,000 - $400,000
  • 9 $4000,000 - $500,000
  • 17 over $500,000

So, looking for a condo in London Ontario that is right for you should not be guesswork or by luck. I know condos, where they are, the best locations, the better-built ones,  the better-managed ones, the best values, the safest ones, and buildings or complexes to avoid.

  Because of the volume of business I do, I also from time to time have listings that are not on MLS yet, it could be because they are doing last minute touch-ups or I have clients that will be listing soon.

 Buying a condo takes much more diligence than buying a house, protect yourself and your bank account by having someone with condo skills help you.

Get The Inside Scoop When Buying a Condo

 If you are thinking about buying a condo in London Ontario or area, do you feel you know everything there is to know about buying one?


inside scoop for condo buyer in London Ontario

 Or, were you going to wing it or have just any  Realtor drive you around and then you buy one? Sound foolish? What do most people do? Yes, you are right!

 How much would you save in money, stress or issues if you knew?

Easy To Use Mortgage Calculator


This unique condo mortgage calculator is four calculators in one!

  By entering your numbers once, the calculator will help you determine loan amounts, mortgage qualification, affordability and whether you should be renting or buying, all with a click, instantly.

 It is private and secure, only you see it. You can if you wish, even send an e-mail or receive one containing the results, by clicking on Receive This Detailed Analysis!

 By the way, no one, not even I, only you will see the email analysis.

Contact me if you have questions, or if I can assist you in locating a favourable financing alternative for your new home!

I work with some of the best mortgage providers around, my network of lenders are pro's, they know the business, from the Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Manulife to independent mortgage brokers.


 Complete the fields below (e.g., Cost of Home, Down Payment, Monthly Income) and click Calculate Now. To view the different results of your calculation, click on the various tabs. To mail yourself a copy of your results, click the Receive this Detailed Analysis link.


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Cost of House = [(Monthly income x Debt Ratio) – monthly tax – monthly insurance – condo fee] /
(monthly interest rate/ function of interest rate)
Monthly Rent: $
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