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681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario

       681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario is an  upscale enclave of 39 detached one-floor condominiums called Rosecliffe Ridge and some have ravine settings and the condo corporation is very well managed, as you can tell by the upkeep of the outside grounds

These one floor detached condos are in demand as more and more people are downsizing and want to travel more. Detached condos offer a bit more privacy and the sense of a single family home.

 Located in south-west London, you have easy access to parks, shopping and services.

  • 2016 average price $367,000 ( no, not a misprint, location was why)

  • 2015  average price  $285,500

  • 2014 average price $295,767 

  • 2013 average price $279,556

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