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1,5,9,15 Jacksway Crescent


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   1,5,9,15 Jacksway Crescent are four stand-alone apartment condo buildings (332 units in total) called Masonville Gardens located in north London Ontario across from Masonville Mall. Plenty of restaurants, shopping and services all within a short walk.

 There are some two bedrooms with two full bathrooms, some with two bedrooms & 1 1/2 baths, a few three bedroom apartments & a few one bedroom units. Lots of free open parking,  most apartments have balconies except the ground floor ones, and all have gas fireplaces!

   1,5,9,15 Jacksway Cr

  The complex is less than 1 mile to the University of Western Ontario and University Hospital & on a direct bus route.

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  • In 2017, 21 two bedroom units sold, as low as $109,900 up to $158,000 and one three bedroom unit for $174,000


  • For 2018, nine two bedroom apartments changed hands from as low as $146,500 up to $181,900 and one three bedroom unit sold for $189,000


   You can request a breakdown of sales in the buildings with sales prices, how long they took to sell what was the condition of the units. Scroll down this page, and our research team will follow through.

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 This complex has gone through and still going through extensive exterior maintenance with new roofs, windows and doors, balconies and the exterior recladded, wood fireplaces converted to gas and landscaping.

 The turmoil and construction took a toll on sales for 2016 & 2017 & most of 2018, but now, sale prices will zoom because of the location and how great the place is looking.

  You can see the significant shift in prices from 2017 to 2018 and 2019 will be no different other than 2019 will be a seller's market!

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1, 5, 9, 15 Jacksway Crescent

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1 Jacksway Crescent
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Going to Western & Buying a Property in London Ontario?

 I have worked with hundreds of buyers who wish to purchase a condo or a house while attending Western and in most cases, don't know where to start.

Where to Start if buying a home in London Ontario

Two of the biggest concerns  I hear are:

  1. Is the area safe and how close to Western?
  2. Will my investment be a prudent one and when I or my son or daughter graduates, will the property appreciate?


These are all valid concerns & rightfully so.

Usually, I hear: 'I'm arriving in London next weekend and want to see some properties." 

So far so good.

I ask: " Why, when, where, how much, why & how long do you plan to hold it for?" Having a 30 to 40-minute discussion before seeing any properties helps a buyer clarify and understand the reality of the London market and helps us, as professionals, to select and guide a potential buyer to the features that fit their criteria and needs.

Having a London Ontario market education of properties allow accurate decisions with less fear and challenges.

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