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                               Selling a condo in London Ontario

   Even though we are in a Seller's market, when you’re getting ready to put your condo for sale on MLS in London Ontario, there are a number of things to think about, to prepare for, and to organize. 

  •  Most buyers select their home based on EMOTIONS.  Once their decision is made to buy, they justify their purchase with LOGICAL reasons:  facts and features.  So, it’s most important to make your condo appeal to all senses.  Your property is NOT the only condo the buyers will see.  You are competing with other condos in the market.

  • Every seller wants to realize as much money as possible when selling their condo.  The natural inclination is to price  high, thinking you can always come down in the future. With most condo listings getting multiple offers, why hurt your chances?

  • Buyers have a lot more information than you think, plus, their Realtor knows prices as well, so, when a buyer is looking for condos in your price range, they or their Realtor may reject showing your condo in favour of other condos in a more reasonable price range.


  • For goodness sake, allow your place to be shown! Do you know how many condo listings have restrictive times, like 1-2 on Tuesdays or Thursdays or no showings if it's raining, sunny or I feel like it today!


  We Sell Condos , We Do Not Just List Them, a Huge Difference !

 We market and sell hundreds of condos in London Ontario & area & we accomplish this first by doing a supply/demand analysis in the immediate area for any house or condo that requires  marketing.

 Most Realtors have access to  market information; it is the valuation and experience of what that information means to the marketing of a home that matters. Plus, we have invested in some special software that allows us to acquire ALL the pertinent information to give our clients the facts, even if it the harsh reality of the market.

 Then we market the property through our multiple web sites, blogs, social media, cooperation with 1653 local Realtors and thousands of associated Realtors across Canada and the US.

 All actions have consequences! Multiple action gets multiple results!

 Opinions can be costly, especially for real estate , so we double and triple check our numbers to be able to give our clients the best possible acurate advice.

     Oh, By The Way,  Here Is Proof That We Walk The Talk!

                                                            Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate   


  • 14 % market share in London Ontario and area
  • 6,766 Realtors Across Canada for referrals 
  • 100% Canadian
  • Success Leaves Clues


2017 Market Share Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate


Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Market Share London Ontario


       Real Estate Fact: The Seller Is Solely Responsible For How Much, and How Quickly Their Home Sells!              

                         Be Prepared and have all the facts when selling

    I know that this is a pretty bold statement but from selling 100's of homes in London Ontario and area, it is the brutal truth, one of our underlying principles here at Sutton Group Envelope is to guide our clients into making good decisions and the only way we have found to do that is to be upfront with all the facts, not sugar coat anything and not make false promises or make unrealistic assumptions.

 Our systematic approach is not for everyone and that we get, but we sure enjoy helping those who grasp reality and appreciate systems over those who wing it!

 I have written a 16 page report which you can download  and now you’ll know how to price and sell your condo for the fastest, most profitable sale.

  Also, with this information, you’ll never pay too much for any home you buy for the rest of your life.

Dramatically Improve The Chances Your Condo Sells
I understand that selling a condo for hundreds of thousands of dollars is not something you do every day and that your condo for most of you is your largest investment or, unfortunately for a few, the largest liability! Over the years I have helped hundreds of condo owners sell their properties and most, if not all, had fears, some had poor information or even false information and all had concerns about pricing , how long will it take, what will it cost and choosing the right firm and representative to help. My aim with this guide is to clarify what you can do to ensure your home will sell at the market price and in your time frame.
What We Do When We List A Property & The Others Don't or Won't Do!
We put our money where our mouth is, in black and white, in plain English! We are not afraid to publicly publish what we do, even if other Realtors want to copy and try to emulate our work ethic! If they copy what we do; great, I thank them for helping our profession be better. And, if someone does more than we do, please let us know, becoming better is much more beneficial to us all than just being good!
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My Perspective On Selling A Condo

         First impressions are everything

 A recent study has shown that over 97%  of all homes sold were viewed for the first time on the internet by the eventual buyer. This is an enormous change in a short time for the real estate industry and has literally made how well a real estate company in London  “markets” a property their most important skill set.

  I truly get it that technology plays a huge role in the success of selling a home but at the same time, understanding that real estate is still a people business! 

  Courtesy, professionalism and good work habits are an integral traits of a very good Realtor.

  From virtual tours of your home from  a buyer's desk top or handheld device, we spare no expense to ensure our listings are presented online in the best possible way. Along with  distinctive signage, social media, blogging and on over 50 websites, your condo is exposed !

  The pictures and other web based presentation tools are now truly the difference between a buyer seeing and potentially buying a home and a buyer simply deleting it from their search never to be considered again as a viable purchasing option.

 We create a personal website for all of our listings so we can direct buyers to as much detail about our listings as possible.  When you go on to most real estate companies websites to look at a particular home for sale, your home and every other agent's home is shown as well. Who is competing with whom?

                 searching for a house in London Ontario

 There are many condos for sale in London Ontario and making your listing stand out is my mantra!

  Market Based Pricing

 When the initial list price for a property is too high for the current market, it guarantees that the property will be on the market for an extended period of time. A consequence of an extended time on the market is that potential buyers develop an unfavorable opinion of the home prior to even viewing it.

 Rational or not, buyers often believe that there must be something wrong with a property if it has been listed on the market for a long period of time. To avoid this, Envelope Real Estate Brokerage uses an exhaustive market based comparison approach to insure that your home is priced right from the start, allowing us to sell your property for the best possible price in the shortest time possible.

 When a real estate person suggests a list price for the sale of a home based on what the real estate person thinks the seller wants to hear instead of what the market will bear, then that real estate person is misleading  their potential client. People’s time and money should not be wasted and listing a condo too high is a huge waste of everyone’s time!

                      Condo did not sell in London Ontario

  Homes have a value and there is accurate data that illustrates what that value is.

 Knowing your target buyer

 Every property has a target buyer audience. That audience is different for every property type, whether it is a two story double car garage house, Old North or Old South property, a downtown condo with city views, or a one floor detached townhouse adult orientated community.

 Identifying and marketing for the specific buyer audience that match up with your listing is crucial to the successful sale of a home.

 The key is knowing what the marketable aspects of a certain type of property are, how those aspects appeal to different types of buyer audiences & the best way(s) to make buyers aware that those appealing aspects exist within the specific property being listed.

 This is where skill really shows up. How many descriptions of houses have you read that says stuff like: '4 bdr, 3bath,, 5 appliances, nice back yard, act fast, it won't last'Exciting, not. 

Or the wannabe Hemmingway' Outstanding 4 bedroom magnificent adobe nestled among the verdant street landscape that will tug at your heart when you tear yourself away to care for your employees who love you" Yuk!


 The sale of your home is worth hundred's of thousands of dollars and there is no need for you to throw away thousands of dollars because of misleading information, lack of thoroughness or 1990's  marketing!

  What about:

  • A firm that is known  to have a reputation for professionalism?
  • A firm that invests a considerable amount of time & money exposing real estate to attract qualified buyers?
  • A firm that has at its fingertips a contact list of skilled trades, movers, cleaners & legal & financial professionals?
  • A firm that qualifies possible buyers before thet get to see your home? (See my Dedicated Buyer Program. I attract qualified capable buyers daily!)
  • A firm that will tell you the brutal truth and not just what you want to hear?
  • A firm that sells properties, not just list them?

                                                 We will make sure your condo will sell

  •  A firm that is well prepared before any property even gets near the active London Real Estate market?

​ Those extra few days, effort and diligence spent is to make sure your property is market ready and saves home sellers days if not weeks waiting for an offer and that is worth every second of preparation it takes.

 Below is a chart that details the flow of a sale, starting with you you thinking about selling to you receiving a cheque or draft from your lawyer!

A Step by Step Seller Flow
This simple, one page process chart starts with you thinking of selling and ends with you meeting with your lawyer and giving the keys to the new owners and you receiving a cheque! Hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much easier!
What Do All These Real Estate Words Mean Anyway?
When you are in the process of buying or selling a home in London and South West Ontario, or have been through the process, it can be daunting enough without words or phrases being bantered about and you say “What?” Well, no more, this exhaustive list will now make the playing field level, your knowledge & better understanding of real estate will ensure that your real estate transaction will be less stressful and in most cases, more rewarding!
Who Else is Going To Be Involved When I Sell my Home?
Purchasing a home or selling a home requires more than just the buyer and seller. You'll also require the services of a variety of home-related professionals and here are the key players in your transaction and the roles they play:
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How Serious Are You About Selling?

 These two pages could be harmful to your disposition! Be careful!

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You are Over 30 Years Old

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