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   When you start looking for a condo in London Ontario to purchase, size, style, price & condition are all very important decisions to make, however, before you make an offer, what about?

   Looking for apartment condos in London Ontario

  1. Demographics- Who lives here? What age group? Children? 
  2. Price- What are the average prices for the last 12-18 months?
  3. D.O.M.- What are the average days on the market for these condos?
  4. Time- How long has this unit been on the market & how many times?
  5. Area- Are there any planned construction nearby that will effect or destroy your views or traffic flows?
  6. What is the percentage of owner occupied units vs rental units?


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And then , if you do make an offer ,what you and a good Realtor will do:

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  1. A Financing Clause- Even if paying cash-Put it in!
  2. A Home Inspection- Yes it is a condo and the roof, windows and doors may be covered by the condo corporation, but -Put it in!
  3. A Status Certificate- The financial situation of the condo corporation & don't just rely on your lawyer's opinion, they know law, they are not accountants or financial advisors.
  4. What are the condo rules, are pets allowed, visitor parking, etc? (A good real estate lawyer will be able to tell you that after he or she has reviewed the status report)


    ​So yes, it is quite exciting and fun in looking for and selecting a condo to buy in London Ontario, but like any great meal or a piece of cake,  it helps to know what the ingredients are that make it great!

 Oh, and by the way, are you  wondering what your payments will be?       

                                             Condo Mortgage Calculator

Here is a fabulous 4 in 1 mortgage calculator that will guide you to know your costs.


  Condos in London Ontario    

Below are just a few of the apartment condos in London Ontario

Under $150,000 


$150,000 to $250,000    


$250 to $350,000

Over $350,000  


 Buying an apartment condo in London Ontario is a lot different than buying a house or even a condo townhouse. Some points to think about:

  • condo fees
  • condo rules
  • condo parking
  • condo odours
  • condo noise
  • condo taxes
  • condo cleaning
  • condo owners as residents versus tenants
  • condo security
  • condo corporation's financial status
  • condo insurance
  • condo insurance while away on extended vacation


The above are only a few topics we discuss when I work with a condo buyer. Knowing the better buildings in London, values,  rules and demographics will help you in your choices and in the long run, ensure your investment is more secure. T

 The Buyer's Toolkit below will help as well.

for condo buyers, tips on how to save

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