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810 Maitland Street London Ontario


   810 Maitland Street London Ontario is a gem of 18 townhouse condos in London tucked into a nice enclave that most locals do not know exists. An easy walk to Richmond Road, downtown, Victoria Park, St. Joes Hospital an on a bus route!

  • 2017, there was one sale at $309,900 and took 21 days to sell!

  • 2016 sales $259,000 - $309,000

  • 2015 sales  $215,000 - $237,000 one at $234,000 and the other $237,000!

   All Condos in London Ontario For Sale on MLS

  • 2014 sales $229,000 - $299,900

  • 2013 sales $239,000 - 249,000

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   810 Maitland St London Ontario

Putting your 810 Maitland St Condo For Sale on MLS

   Would keeping an extra $2,000 to $4,000 make a difference to you? What could you do with that extra money? 

  • Travel with it?
  • Give it away?
  • Pay off a debt?
  • Use it for an additional downpayment on your next house
  • Blow it?


  Regardless of what you are going to do with that extra $2,000 to $4,000, what about if you got it sooner than later? In other words, your condo sells quickly?

 The demand for townhouses in nice clean neighbourhoods in 2018 is very high, if you were ever thinking of selling your condo at 810 Maitland, this is the time!

 I can be reached at 519-435-1600, let me show you how.

 Learn some insider tips and ideas and find out how!

Buying a Townhouse Condo in London Ontario

Would it make a big difference to you if you could know in advance if a condo you were looking at was the right one for you?

That it was priced properly and you weren't over paying?

That you knew in your heart that you have seen all the best condos that fit your needs and wants?

Buying a townhouse condo in London Ontario can be as stressful as much as you want it to be!

Being well prepared BEFORE you start the process, while not as much fun as looking at condos, will ensure that the condo you choose is the right fit for you

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