7 Picton St London Ontario

   7 Picton Street London Ontario  is a high rise condominium building called 7 Picton Place  and is located on a quiet and short downtown London Ontario street between Queens Ave. and Dufferin St, one minute to City Hall and only 3 minutes to Victoria Park.  

 A great location and a well-run building, no balconies. There are 66 units in total and the building boasts of it's indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, fitness room, a guest suite and a reading/relax area with a full ktchen and beautiful roof top gardens!

  Lots of guest parking available.

        7 Picton St London Ontario Condo Building

All Condos in London Ontario For Sale on MLS

  • 2016 Average Sale Price $202,665

  • 2015 there were two sales, one at $212,000 & the other at $279,000 which was a penthouse!

  • 2014 Average Sale Price $199,900 

  • 2013 Average Sale Price $197,000

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             indoor pool 7 Picton Place London Ontario                         

Buying a Condo in Downtown London Ontario?

   Buying a condo in London can be an emotional experience. It can also be time consuming and comes with a myriad of details that should not be overlooked.

Some times  buyers get caught up in the excitement of buying a condo tend and to overlook some items. Their condo purchase usually then ends up an expensive process or worse yet, not a pleasant one! They generally fall into three areas:

  • Paying too much and realizing that when you talk to another owner 6 months from now!

  • Losing a condo to another buyer because you did not get to see it first

  • Buying the wrong condo

   Be prepared When Buying a Condo

 Here are a few tips on making the most of your condo purchase.

  •  Bidding without sufficient information what price do you offer a seller? Is the seller's asking price too high? Is it a deal? Without research on the market and comparable condos, you basically are bidding blind.

  • Buying the wrong condo: What are you looking for in a condo? A simple enough question, but the answer can be quite complex. More than one buyer has been swept up in the emotion and excitement of the buying process only to find themselves the owner of a place that is either too big or too small. Perhaps they didn't consider the drive to work, the demographics of the other owners.

                   Buying a condo in London with Envelope Real Estate

  •  Unclear title:    Before you sign any documents, be sure the property you are considering is free of all encumbrances. A good Realtor will ensure that he/she has enclosed clauses to protect you. The last thing you want to discover before you move in is that there are tax liens, debts, undisclosed owners, leases, contracts or easements.


  •  Unexpected repairs   Don’t expect every seller to disclose every physical detail that will need to be attended to. Use a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit, before you close the deal. A good Realtor will enclose a home inspection clause in the offer and only if the inspection report is suitable to you, would you fulfill that condition.


  • Hidden Costs   Make sure you identify and uncover all costs-large and small- far enough ahead of time. A good Realtor will discuss this with you, and you should discuss all fees and costs with your lender, your lawyer and any other professional you may use. 


  • Rushing the Closing   Take your time during this critical part of the process. Do you understand your mortgage details? Has anything been forgotten? Does the paperwork and documentation reflect your understanding of the transaction? Will your Realtor take you through your planned purchase 2-3 days before closing? (To ensure that there is no unusual changes in the condition of the condo, that what is supposed to stay-remains) 


Enjoy the process


Selling Your Condo at 7 Picton Place?

  As in most things in life, when you plan ahead of time, there is a tendency for most things to work out and you are prepared if challenges come along.

  •  How would knowing how to prepare to sell your condo in London Ontario make you feel?

  • Would knowing 8 great steps that successful condo sellers take be helpful?

  • Would knowing how to keep more money in your pocket help?

  • Would knowing when the best time to put your condo on the market and when you do, the first 5 days are critical?

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