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770 Fanshawe Park Road East London Ontario

   770 Fanshawe Park Road East London Ontario consists of 30  townhouse condo units in London between Western and Fanshawe College.

 Most of the townhouses have a nice patio fenced back yard that offers privacy and a chance to enjoy a BBQ or a glass of your favorite beverage.There is an inground community salt water pool, with lots of visitor parking.  All have full basements and some are completely finished.

  This group of London townhouses is very convenient  as far as location goes and on 3  bus routes.

  • 2017 saw 3 units sell through our MLS system, I have prepared a 13 page analysis of these sales including the asking price and the actual sale price, plus, how many days it took to sell. You can get this free report by scrolling down the page and downloading it.
  • 2016 average price $177,389
  • 2015 average price $161,000
  • 2014 average price $152,900
  • 2013 average price $145,000 
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770 Fanshawe Park Road E Facts

 Our role as professional Realtors is to guide our clients and help them choose to make wise decisions.

  A principle that I believe in is that with all the misinformation that is available today, poor perceptions and false premises, real estate buyers & sellers need more than ever to have accurate data based on facts and then knowing how to use those facts to their benefit.

 Here are a few facts about 770 Fanshawe Park Road E and a few models to follow

770 Fanshawe Park Road E 2017 Numbers
This 13 page report includes the details of the 3 sales in this condo community for 2017, such as asking price and sales price, amenities, days on the market and very helpful information if you were ever thinking of buying or selling a townhouse in this neighbourhood
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Tips on Buying a Condo Townhouse in London Ontario

   When buying a condo in London Ontario, the ONE single element that will determine how well you negotiate your offer is…

              How MOTIVATED Is the Seller, And How MOTIVATED Are YOU?     

      If the condo has been on the market for over 25 days, perhaps it’s because the seller hasn’t been motivated enough or, maybe now they are very motivated to sell.

      And if you’ve been transferred, have your home listed or your spouse kicked you out or you left, or you’ve had it with your landlord, YOU may be very motivated to buy! 

      Nevertheless, here’s a tip to bring to any real estate transaction…

  Move Heaven and Earth to AVOID Emotional Attachment To the Home You’re Considering

                      exited condo buyers

      If you’re all giddy about the condo, if you can’t hold back your emotions when around the condo, then you’re going to get clobbered when negotiating the purchase.

      So let’s say you have a REALTOR® representing you (make sure it’s a BUYER’S agent, or you could lose a bundle!), and you’re ready to write an offer.

      What’s the single best piece of information you can have?

      Other than my phone number, it’s the comparable sales and market data for the entire market and the area.  Ask your REALTOR® to print out both for you to use.  Now, here’s what you want to do…

      You want to take a look at FOUR important “market telltale signs:” 

  •     Now, take a look at what the average selling price is compared to the listing price.  You may notice that most condos in London are selling for about 2-4% less than their offer price.  If that’s the case, you know the original offers were LESS than this amount.  Take this into consideration when making your offer. 

  •     Now, make sure you visit several of the other listings in the area.  How does your choice compare to the others on the market?  Is the unit you’re considering in similar shape?  Is it better sited?  Is it bigger, smaller, better style, better landscaping, etc.?  These factors will help you determine how much you should pay for your condo vs. how much others paid for similar condos in the neighborhood. 

  •     Now, take a look at the average market times for condos in the area.  If they’re long (evaluated on a market by market basis), the market may be soft, and you might have more negotiating room with your offer.


  •    What is the ratio of owners versus investors in the building or complex? 

      You’re now ready to make your offer.  What about strategies such as:  1) should you offer a high price and ask the owner to throw in all kinds of extras, or 2) offer a low price and skim your way into the neighborhood? 

      The correct answer depends on your personal situation.  And you need to work closely with someone with the skill set and experience to strategize your offer.

Get More Money For a Condo in London Ontario!

    Would you a few thousand dollars come in handy when selling your house or condo in London Ontario. As a home seller, be it a house or a condo, there are many things you can do to maximize your profit or money left over.

 list with me now

  The first step is to learn some of the insider tips that sells homes faster and for money.

 The second way is to use some of these 50 inexpensive tips to dress up you home!

 The third way is to really understand what drives prices up, 2018 will be one of those years, demand for townhouses is high and there are very few listings. If you were ever thinking of selling, now may be one of the best times ever!

 One call to me at 519-435-1600 and let me give you a few ideas how you can benefit in this market.

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