70 Sunnyside Drive London Ontario

   70  Sunnyside Drive  London Ontario is right across from Masonville Mall and about 5 minutes to The University of Western Ontario and London Health Science Centre. 

There are 3 parks nearby  which are Medway Valley Heritage Forest, Carriage Hill Park and Ross Park.

 Some of the best schools in London are close by as well. Grocery stores such as Loblaw’s is a short walk, the Big Box stores, 9 dining areas , plus fast food , Cinema and on 3 bus routes.

There are 60 condo townhouse units in this well-kept enclave with various choices in size and layouts. (two sizes and 3 styles , so in 2016, some units sold in the $250,000 range and others in the $290's)

All Condos in London Ontario For Sale on MLS

  • 2016 average price $278,663

  • 2015 average price $261,167

  • 2014 average price $285,000

  • 2013 average price $274,458

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    70 Sunnyside Drive  London Ontario

7 Steps on Buying a Condo in London for Less Money!

    Are you in the process of buying a condo in London Ontario? The steps you take BEFORE you start the process are very important to ensure that when you start to go and visit condos for sale, you are prepared and have the market knowledge.

  • What should you be prepared for?
  • When should you be prepared and how?
  • What should you be anticipating for?
  • Why?


  My clients have saved an enormous amount of time and money in the buying process and here is proof of that!

  You can too!


Selling a Condo in London Ontario

There are many reasons why a condo owner decides to sell a condo in London. That decision may be forced by health, financial or personal reasons and regardless of why, that decision then becomes, for how much and who will I hire to sell my condo?

          Who Will Sell My Condo

 That naturual tendency is to choose someone your neighbour has recommended or a friend of a friend and while they mean well, not all REALTORS are the same and the REALTOR you choose will be one of your most important decisions.

Choose wisely and carefully. Here are a few tips!

The next decision you must make is when do you want to move?


Most of Your Mortgage Paid When Buying a Condo in London Ontario

Over the last 6 months I have worked with 7 Millennials  who wisely bought either a condo apartment or a townhouse in London Ontario and had help in reducing their living expenses and for two of them, earning about $200 month over their mortgage, taxes, utilities and condo fees!

  Millennials meaning

How did they do it?

Not to make this blog a 30 minute dissertation on buying a condo in London Ontario and for brevity sakes, here is how one did it.

He works for a gaming company here in London and by his words, a 'nerd'. He had been following my blogs amd website for 8 months and finally emailed me that he was thinking about buying a house or a condo in London.

We met in my office and went over his perceived criteria, his fears , financing and his ideal property for resale because he felt headhunters would be coming after him in a year or two and wanted to ensure that if he sold his property, he would not get fleeced too much.

nerd buying a condo

After doing what I call 'Market Education' (we looked at 3 houses in various parts of London & 4 condos, 2 apartments and 2 townhouses) we then sat down again and he was much more informed what he could afford and the style he preferred. He chose a townhouse because of the long and weird hours he was working and thought a hammer was a female hamster! (I s**t you not!)

At his work, his company is growing rapidly, people coming and going and we discussed about how he could maybe rent out a room and still have privacy, yet help in paying down his mortgage.

Well, that was a no-brainer! He had 5 co-workers who jumped at the idea. I helped him buy a 3 bedroom townhouse for a good price that offered some  individual privacy and a place that was move in ready.

His mortgage payments, condo fees and taxes came to $912 per month ( he was paying $850 a month for a dinky apartment) and got a co-worker to rent a room for $500 per month and share the utilities! Also, I suggested he meet with one of the lenders I use, ( he said he was pre-approved by a morgage broker , I said he should get another opinion), which he did, and he saved .7% in interest fees, less hassles and did not have to spend 13 hours filling out forms, documents and what colour socks he wore!

Who's the nerd now? 

He was so pleased in how the whole process worked, he referred me to some of his co-workers, even one of the co-founders of the company. They are happy and I am happy!

happy nerd buying real estate

You can be too!