700 Osgoode Drive London Ontario

     700 Osgoode Drive London Ontario offers some of the best condo townhouse values in London and is in the Westminster neighbourhood of London. There are 151 units in total, some with garages and plenty of visitor parking. Very easy access to the 401 highway and to the Bradley/Wellington Road corridor.

 An added bonus is a very short walk to the Pond Mills trails and to the Westminster Park Optimist Club  and  Westminster Pool.

   The 3 schools that are in walking distance are:

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700 Osgoode Drive London Ontario Sales Are Hot!

 The last 3 sales at 700 Osgoode Drive London Ontario all took place within 3 days and all sold for more than the asking price of $149,900, one for more than $15,000 over.

 How do I know?

 I have a buyer who was involved in two of them, we were two hours late on the 3rd but anyway, my client offered $8,000 over asking price, no finacing or a home inspection clause at all!

 So nice and clean, yet no luck for her.

 If your condo is in decent condition, clean and well cared for, I have a buyer for you. (This is not a sales pitch with a false buyer, if you have a unit for sale, her and I will make an appointment to come look at yours and if we agree on a price, voila, sold!

 If in the mean time I find her a condo to buy, perhaps you may give me a chance to speak with you, I know the complex and the neighbourhood and obviously the prices and I do sell quite a few condos and UI can sell yours!

 Put more money in your pocket and give me a call at 519-435-1600.

Selling Your Osgoode Drive Condo Townhouse?

 I was going through the condo sales on Osgoode Drive with a client and she asked me, why are some units on the market (not selling) longer and why do some go fast!

 Osgoode Drive Condos

  I shared with her my experience and showed her some market statistics of the 5 major reasons some condos do not sell or in a short period of time.

Now, you can find out why some sell and some don't. even in this great market!

 Heres the point. The condo townhouse market in London Ontario is quite vibrant right now and I think it would be wise that if you are thinking of selling your unit, why not list it and sell it with someone who knows the area and strong enough to get your price!



Going to Buy a Condo in London Ontario? Take These Steps

   I help quite a few people buy and sell condos in London Ontario and 3 of the major fears buyers have are:

  1. Am I paying too much?

  2. Is this the best condo for me?

  3. What am I getting myself into and how can I make it easier and less costly?

   Now, this may not be you  but a recent study showed that 87.6% of condo buyers said that if they were going to do it again, they would do it differently and that is why I put together the report below!

  To help condo buyers because that is what I do! 

   If you can spare 5 minutes, read this report  and learn a few tips on  how you can save when buying a condo in London Ontario, and,  knowing some of these tips, if ever selling a home, this will save you alot as well!