Condos in London Ontario

681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario

       681 Commissioners Road W London Ontario is an  upscale enclave of 39 detached one floor condominiums called Rosecliffe Ridge and some have ravine settings and the condo corporation is very well managed, as you can tell by the upkeep of the outside grounds

These one floor detached condos are in demand as more and more people are downsizing and want to travel more. Detached condos  offer a bit more privacy and the sense of a single family home.

 Located in south west London, you have easy access to parks, shopping and services.

  • 2016 average price $367,000 ( no, not a misprint, location was why)

  • 2015  average price  $285,500

  • 2014 average price $295,767 

  • 2013 average price $279,556

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Buying a Condo in London To Downsize?

 Buying a condo can be similar to buying a house but there are some key points that you may want to consider before even looking for a condo.

  • Do You Know What a Status Certificate is?
  • Difference between a Free Hold Condo and Townhouse condo?
  • How condos are priced and why?

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Thinking of Selling a Condo in London?

  Everyday the world is changing, how things were done 2 years ago are changing and people are more cost conscience now than ever because of search engines and consumer education.

  Real estate is changing as well and the old real estate model of plopping a sign on a lawn and  putting it on MLS only accounts for 27% of traffic, learn how to get 100%!