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680 Commissioners Road West London Ontario

  680 Commissioners Road West London Ontario is a small enclave of 32 quality one floor condo town homes  called  Nottinghill Woods. This neighbourhood in London is in the South West, are very reasonably priced  and the grounds and building exteriors are well maintained.

  • There was one sale in 2017 that took 7 days to sell for $360,000, this one was a  rare walkout and about 2100 square feet
  • There were no reported sales in 2016 on MLS
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Looking For a One Floor Condo Town Home in London Ontario?

         One floor condo town homes London Ontario or sometimes referred as  townhouses in London are in demand and as with any city, there are areas that are highly sought after and perhaps a few you may want to be a little careful before purchasing!

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 One of the first actions I take when working with clients , especially if  unsure if  condo living is for them,  I conduct what I call " a condo market education" where , in a short time period, my client is well versed on price, quality and neighbourhoods!

  Finding the right condo, and making a prudent financial investment is much more involved than just “buying right.” 

  Not being thorough in any part of the buying process may cost you thousands. 

Selling a Town Home Condominium London Ontario

The Right Selling Price Will Make A Huge Difference in How Much You Actually Receive!

Before selling a condo in London Ontario the price you set is a critical factor in the return you’ll receive and when it sells.

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That’s why a professional evaluation from an experienced listing Realtor can provide you with an honest assessment of your condo, based on several factors including:

  • Market conditions
  • Condition of your unit
  • Repairs or improvements
  • Time frame

 In real estate terms, market value is the price at which a particular condo, in its current condition, will sell within 30 to 45 days.

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  If the price of your condo is too high, several things could happen:

  •  Limits buyers. Potential buyers may not view your condo, because it would be out of their buying range.

  • Limits showings. Other salespeople may be less reluctant to view an overpriced condo.

  • Used as leverage. Other Realtors may use your condo to sell against condos that are better priced.

  • Extended stay on the market. When a condo is on the market too long, it may be perceived as defective. Buyers may wonder, “what’s wrong,” or “why hasn’t this sold?”

  • Lower price. An overpriced condo still on the market beyond the average selling time, could lead a lower selling price. To sell it, you will have to reduce the price, sometimes, several times. In the end, you’ll probably get less than if it had been properly priced at the start.

  • Wasted time and energy. A bank appraisal is most often required to finance a condo and if the buyer's mortgage company will not appraise the property at that higher price, they cannot get the financing!

  Realtors have known it for years – Well-kept homes, properly priced in the beginning always get you the fast sale for the best price! And that’s why a professional real estate lister, will tell you the truth, explain the facts of selling a house and then guide you in the selling of your home!

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