669-711 Osgoode Drive London Ontario

    669-711 Osgoode Drive London Ontario is a condo townhouse complex in south east London Ontario and walking distance to St.Francis Catholic School , Wilton Grove Public School and Sir Wilfred Laurier Secondary School  . This 102 unit  townhouse complex offers great value and some of these two storey town houses have garages. 

 There is ample shopping nearby and on a bus route.

Year  Average Sale Price No Garage  Average Sale Price With Garage
2016 $146,118 $152,216
2015 $132,100 $147,500
2014 $129,000 $146,000
2013 $119,900 $142,900

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Want To Sell Your Osgoode Drive Condo Townhouse?

   If you are thinking of putting your condo on the market, how would you feel if your condo sold in a reasonable time and what you got for it was above average?

  • Would you be able to plan better?

  • Get on with your life?

  • Travel?

  • Move on?

   You may have many fixed emotions when it comes time to sell your condo in London and that I respect and understand. The stress that comes with moving, planning and waiting can vary and I strongly believe that as a real estate professional, one of my roles is to help my clients meet their needs in a timely matter!

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Buying a Condo Townhouse in London Ontario?

  For most people, stress is not something that most can handle and with the busy day to day normal stress, the stress of buying a condo can be overload for most.

   But, buying a condo in London should be exciting and fun, not an adventure of stress, worry, conflict or just being downright scared!

   How would you feel if you were prepared ahead of time?

  • Knew the whole process from start to finish?

  • What to look out for?

  • Whom to look out for?

  • How sellers price their condos and what you can do?

 You can save time and money when fully prepared, as well as stress. Learn more on how you can.