665 Commissioners Road West London Ontario

       665 Commissioners Road West London Ontario is known as Rosecliffe Valley, a 27 detached unit vacant land condo enclave in a ravine like setting in south west London Ontario. These condos in London are quite upscale and highly sought after.  

A vacant land condo means that you own the building and the land and pay a condo management fee to the condo corporation for snow removal, ground maintenance and management. In this complex, the fee at present is $180.00 per month.

  • 2016 average sale price $366,333
  • 2015  no MLS sales reported
  • 2014 average sale price $408,000
  • 2013 average sale price $395,500
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 Note: No, prices are not decreasing in this enclave, the price depends on the location inside this enclave and of course, the interior condition of the home.

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Buying a Detached Vacant Land Condo in London Ontario

 Finding the right condo, and making a prudent financial investment is more involved than just “buying right.” What is the right condo for you and not neccessarily the style, but what about the condo complex itself?

  What about the neighbourhood, future area growth, transportation, shopping and more? How do you know or what questions you should ger answers for? More importantly though, how do you know the answers you get are true or in your best interests?

 For most people, the decision to buy a condo involves a number of stresses and strains.  For over 90% of real estate buyers, it’s the single largest financial transaction of their lives. 

  Not being thorough in any part of the buying process may cost you. What about?

  •  What about price? Who's price? 

  • What about condo fees, this year, next year & 5 years from now?

  • What about the financial status of the corporation and especially, the unit you are purchasing?

  • What are the condo rules?

  • The quality of the property?

  • What percentage of owners are investors?

  • What are the four ways I could adopt  to combat the stress of buying a condo? 

It did for these clients!

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Putting Your Condo on The Market For Sale

  We all think of ourselves as being logical but have you ever wondered why you did something  or chose something and knowing what you know now you may have not have made that decision?

                           Happy Home Sellers in London Ontario

 Listing your house or your condo is no different. Putting your home on the market is not something you do everyday. Most research prices, ask some logical questions and even ask well meaning friends.

  What if you had a detailed formula and plan of questions that you should know about before you put your home on the market.

  This valuable free guide will help get you started and on track.