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620 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario


       620 Thistlewood One Floor Condo Townhouse        Townhouse Condos at 620 Thistlewood

 620 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario  consists of 56 one floor town home  condominiums in an enclave called Stoney Creek Grove. Easy access to Masonville Mall and the other big box stores, dining and Western University. Next door is 572 Thistlewood Drive, another well built enclave.


  • There was one sale in 2017 at 620 and that was for $358,000!
  • $313,875 average sale price in 2016
  • $296,700 average sale price in 2015
  • $282,900 average sale price in 2014
  • $279,500 average sale price in 2013

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First Impressions of Your Thistlewood Condo in London Ontario

 The first impression people have of 620 & 572Thistlewood Drive in London Ontario  when it is for sale in London Ontario, is what it looks like from the outside.

  What are they going to say to themselves as they approach?  Believe it or not, some buyers make a decision to keep on driving, just by looking at the outside of the complex & the front entrance. 

                                             Get your Pond Mills Home Sold Quicker

    So, if a buyer won't even come in, you have lost them! And then, once a buyer is inside, how are you going to wow them because you know they may be looking at 4-6 condos in London that day?

  Here are some tips to make them want to come inside and stay inside and put in an offer on your condo..

101 ways to sell your home in London Ontario


 Listing a condo for sale or selling a condo in London Ontario are two distinct actions and only one of them will match your goals and let you start packing!

 When you are ready to start packing, read more!

Searching For Similar Condos in London?

 It can be a challenge sometimes looking for a condo on MLS, especially if you are not familiar with neighbourhoods in London or street names.

Here is a better way!

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