600-640 Wilkins Street in London Ontario

        600-640 Wilkins Street London Ontario is an enclave of 20 townhouse condo units, on a bus route and easy access to Parkwood Hospital, Victoria Hospiral and the Wellington Road area of stores and services

  This enclave is well managed, maintained and landscaped with nearby parks.

  • 2016 average sale $138,300
  • 2015  average sale $137,000
  • 2014  average sale $139,900
  • 2013  average sale $127,250


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Buying a Townhouse Condo on Wilkins St London Ontario

If you are in the process of starting to look at condos on Wilkins St in London Ontario or at other condos in London, where do most start to look?

 Most start searching the web and real estate companies websites, Kijiji or drive around the neighbourhoods in London.

 Some even call the Realtor on the sign and set up an appointment to see the condo. 

  All the above is logical , but what if I told you there was a better way, an easier way, a safer way and a way that you could ensure you are buying at the best price possible, that the condo is right for you and you are aware of any problems with the condo?

 How would that make you feel?

You have worked hard for your money, don't throw it away!

Keep More When Selling Your Wilkins St Condo in London

    Condos on Wilkins Street in London are selling and in demand, so selling your condo is not rocket science! What takes skill though is to help you keep more money in your pocket!

  So at the end of the day, when you are sitting in your lawyer's office and he or she tells you how much they are putting into your bank account, will an extra $2,000, $3,000 or more by us listing your condo for sale with us make you happy!

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