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572 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario

      572 Thistlewood Drive London Ontario is an enclave of 48 one floor condo town homes in London Ontario in Stoney Creek Meadows, in North London. These quality built Auburn condos  have a very well thought out floor plans, are conveniently located in the north end of the city close to all amenities.

  • $299,900 was the price of the one townhouse at 572 Thistlewood that sold in 2017
  • $269,900  average 2016, there was only one sold on MLS
  • $282,000 average 2015 price
  • $273,000 average 2014 price 
  • $259,500 average 2013 price


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One floor condos in Stoney Creek London Ontario     572 Thistlewood Drive in London Ontario

One floor townhouse condos in London      One floor condo townhouse London Ontario

Buying a Condo? These 4 Thoughts Will Sure Help!

Is there anything you are forgetting when buying a condo in London Ontario?

   Buying a house or buying a condo in London and South West Ontario can be an exciting yet overwhelming series of emotions, both negative and positive.

                         Buying a condo in London Ontario

   I know that when I meet buyers for the first time, be it first time buyers or 5th time buyers and go through a checklist of the buying process, I often hear: “You know, I never even thought of that!”

   Below are some things to think about and get answers for or to decide on before you make a purchase and during the purchase process as well.

  • How much exactly have you been preapproved for a mortgage, is it in writing and at what rate and is that rate guaranteed and for how long?

  • What lawyer are you going to use? Do they specialize in real estate and what is their fee, not just their real estate fee but their disbursements! (You would be surprised of the stories I hear where that low fee did not turn out to be low! Yes, the fee was low, but additional charges such as filing fees, record keeping, and blah and blah fees add up!) Get it in writing; they are lawyers, which would be their advice to you!

  • When working with a REALTOR, do you have to sign a buyer agency contract? Not sure or what is Buyer Agency? Have your REALTOR explain buyer agency to you and if they insist you sign one before showing any homes, fully understand what you are signing and how long are you committed to that REALTOR. In most cases you don’t and won’t mind being committed, but what if your relationship is not working out? Be careful!

  • What about a home inspection? Do not leave that to chance or google the least expensive inspector on the web. Home inspectors in Ontario are not regulated and would you trust hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home inspection to save $100 or $200?


  These 4 are the more common misconceptions and erroneous information or perceptions that home buyers have.

   Buying a home is the easy part, it is the details that will make you toss and turn at night. Be prepared and sleep well!

Listing Your 572 Thistlewood Condo For Sale in London Ontario

   A good client of mine who lives in one the one floor townhouses at 620 and 572 Thistlewood in London Ontario asked me the other day if home sellers or in this case, condo sellers ever did research.

  Why I asked?

  He pointed out to me that in 2014, at 572 Thistlewood the condos sold for 99.7% of asking price and at 620 Thistlewood , they sold for 99.3% of the asking price. What amazed him was why a seller, if they knew their condo would fetch 99% of the asking price, why they would pay a real state brokerage 5% or 6% to list their condo on MLS?

  Him, looking at me, said even a dummy could sell those condos! He did look at me with a smile and we are still friends, so I don't think he thought I was a dummy, even though I am a Realtor!

    So, getting back to his question, I said that some sellers use their relatives to sell a home, they work with a friend of a friend or they read someplace that a large real estate company gives them more exposure. Hmmmm! 

  A condo buyer does not care whose sign is out front of the condo, they want to see your condo! And, if you are in a period when one floor condo town homes are in demand, why not ask a Realtor if they could accomodate you with a lower fee!

  You be the judge. 

 Putting Your Condo Up For Sale in London Ontario


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