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50 Northumberland Road London Ontario

50 Northumberland Road Clubhouse

50 Northumberland Road London Ontario  is in the Hunt Club neighbourhood  in North West  London  and Units 1-43 is called Hunt Club Glen and Units 44-105 are called Hunt Club Gate.

Regardless of names, you can buy these well constructed townhomes from as low as $339,000 to $570,000.

As with anything, location, amenities, views, size all come with a personal perspective and budget but one thing that will occur, you will love the quiet, the quality landscaping, the closeness to great stores like Remark, Gordons and banks and grocery stores and fast food and golf courses and trails and Sifton Bog and churches and schools are far enough away for quiet times. 

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  • in 2017, there were 6 sales through our local MLS system, I have prepared a 15 page analysis of these sales, with sale price and asking price, as well how many days these took to sell, plus a few other good tid bits. You can download this report by scrolling down the page.
  • in 2016 $339,000 to $496,800
  • in 2015, prices from $359,923 to $549,176
  • in 2014, prices from $306,787 to $452, 425


Averages mean didly squat, over the years I have been into 57 of these units, I have seen great views, walk outs, finished basements, finishes to drool  over, upgrades and plain janes and joes.


50 Northumberland   

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50 Northumberland Road Facts

  In this so called information age, is there too much information? Could be, but I am alarmed by the amount of false information that is out there, especially when it comes to real estate.

    50 Nortumberland Road London Ontario Condos

  I speak with London home buyers and home sellers every day and the questions I get asked, the perceptions they have and in some cases, a real estate market belief system so strongly embedded that in time could be harmful to their financial wellbeing.

  If people hear the same thing, read the same thing or misunderstand something enough times, they believe it without asking the best question of all: "Is it true?"

 If someone was thinking of selling their home in the Hunt Club area or buying a condo at 50 Northumberland Road, would it not make sense to know the facts & make a decision rather than basing a decision on guesswork, false perceptions and emotional bravado?

50 Northumberland Road 2017 Breakdown of Sales
This 15 page report includes the details of the 6 sales in this condo community for 2017, such as asking price and sales price, amenities, days on the market and very helpful information if you were ever thinking of buying or selling a townhouse in this neighbourhood
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50 Northumberland Road Townhomes Are Popular

 In the last 12 months, 6 town homes at 50 Northumberland Road have sold and so far in 2018, one floor town homes are in demand. We are entering into a sellers market, this may be one of the best periods to sell.

  results selling 50 Northumberland Road Condos

  Yes, the demand for quality town homes is strong and with more buyers than sellers, prices are rising and most good properties, if priced correctly, are getting multiple offers.

 The key words, 'priced properly' is paramount to ensure a smooth and quick sale and of course, the marketing of your home.

  Just putting a sign on the property and putting it on MLS is not enough to attract that discriminate and capable buyer for your unit. You can have the nicest billboard in the world but if it is stuck out in the desert where nobody can see it, what good is it?

 In a nuttshell, a skilled and focused approach will get results and after many years of getting results for my clients, there is no reason I cannot get results for you.

 There is a huge difference between listing a home for sale and selling a home, that difference is your money, period!

  Contact me or give me a call at 519-435-1600 for my exclusive home value analysis, a room by room review and valuation, a thorough process that has proven to get results.

 By the way, you do not have to sign anything, you are under no obligation and you will not be given any sales pitches, just a one on one valuation that when I leave (45-55 minutes), you decide who will best be the one to market your home.

Who Will Help You Buy A Condo in London Ontario?


buying a condo in London Ontario

  The wisest thing you can do after you have made the decision you want to move, is to research and contact the real estate sales person who you like, has the skills and experience and whom you will entrust your hard earned money to!

 Maybe interview two or three.

 Then when you have confidence in the sales person you have chosen, that good real estate person will research properties on your behalf, make appointments to match your time table, protect you in the buying and offer process and be there if any challenges come up.

 Do you not think that having that type of representation would be better for you than just entrusting that binding faith with just anyone? A friend of a friend, Uncle Joe's distant cousin who just got her license and needs some money, or your co-worker who's husband 'does' real estate on the side or she goes to the same church as I do!

 My Exclusive "Dedicated Home Buyer Program" is an unique and award winning buyer program for professionals and busy people who understand value, want conceirge service and want to know that their purchase was wise, cost effective and time efficient!

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