45 Gatewood Place London Ontario

    45 Gatewood Place London Ontario consists of 27 townhouse condos in London Ontario just off Huron Street. These condos in  London do not have a garage but have plenty of parking and are quite spacious, and easy to get to most places in London .

  • 2016 average price $121,200
  • 2015 average price $115,900
  • 2014 average price $119,967
  • 2013 average price $118,000


     All Condos in London Ontario For Sale on MLS

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Important Steps To Ponder Before Buying a Condo in London

   When considering buying a condo in London Ontario, there are many steps that if taken, BEFORE you start the process will ensure your transaction goes smoother and that the decisions you make are backed up with facts and not opinions or emotional perceptions.

  Lifestyle is very important, so is living with your decisions, make them count! 

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