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389 Dundas Street London Ontario

  389 Dundas Street London Ontario is a highrise condo building in downtown London and known as London Towers. Though built in 1977, this building has had some extensive upgrades recently and the location is wonderful for access to all that London downtown has to offer .

  • 150 Units,
  • 24 floors,
  • salt water pool
  • Fitness facility
  • Under ground parking
  • 24 hour security
  • Library
  • Sauna
  • condo fee includes, heat, water, hydro, insurance, exterior maintenance, one under ground parking space, cable 
  • Condos for sale on MLS in downtown London Ontario


  In 2017. there were 24 sales of apartment condos at 389 Dundas St, I have prepared a 21 page analysis of these sales, including sold price versus asking price and how long they took to sell. You can download a copy of this report by scrolling down the page.

Note: Some units have been completely updated and you may see a wide range of prices from those who still have 1977 decor to the modern! For example,  in 2016, the price range for two bedroom units was $115,000 to $182,000 and three bedroom  range was $128,000 to $182,000!


Year 1 bedroom average price 2 bedroom average price 3 bedroom average price
2016   $107,750  $137,725  $148,333
2015  $118,333  $138,009  no sales on MLS
2014  $128,000  $152,000  $169,900


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389 Dundas Street London Ontario Information

 In this so called information age, is there too much information? Could be, but I am alarmed by the amount of false information that is out there, especially when it comes to real estate.

  wise buyers & sellers of condos in London

  I speak with London home buyers and home sellers every day and the questions I get asked, the perceptions they have and in some cases, a real estate market belief system so strongly embedded that in time could be harmful to their financial wellbeing.

  If people hear the same thing, read the same thing or misunderstand something enough times, they believe it without asking the best question of all: "Is it true?"

 If someone was thinking of selling or buying a home in London Ontario, would it not make sense to know the facts & make a decision rather than basing a decision on guesswork, false perceptions and emotional bravado?

389 Dundas St 2017 Breakdown of Sales
This 21 page report includes the details of the 24 sales in this building for 2017, such as asking price and sales price, amenities, days on the market and very helpful information if you were ever thinking of buying or selling an apartment in this building
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De-Stress When Selling a Condo in London Ontario

 Whether you’ve lived in your condo in London Ontario for two years or 14, you know it’s not just a shelter, or even another investment.  It’s the place where your dreams came to life, or unfortunately for some, ended.                       

    Moving from a house or a condo


So, there comes a day when it’s time to move on.  You have taken the time to reflect on old memories, and prepare to build new ones.  You have decided it is time to leave the past behind for a new future.  It’s no wonder why buying or selling a condo is often emotionally charged and potentially overwhelming. 

   When you are thinking of selling your condo in London Ontario, there are a number of things to think about, to prepare for, and to organize. 

   The price you are thinking or wishing to sell your condo for is usually the first concern for most, and that I can truly appreciate.

  With the condo market being very strong in London Ontario, your condo will sell so perhaps you may want to ask yourself the most important question of all, "How can I maximize the sale price?"  

 Determining your bottom line based on accurate information BEFORE you list your condo in London Ontario will give you peace of mind, clarity and a sense of security.

  I can write this because my condo clients have told me that not only did they get their price in the time line they wanted, the process was less stressful than they thought!

  happy sellers with Envelope Real Estate

Want To Keep Your Eyes Open Before Buying A Condo in London?

 If you knew before you started the condo buying process that there are critical steps that have proven to save buyers money,  what questions you should be asking, would that be something you would like to know?

 Buying a condo in London Ontario as an investment or to live in has proven to be one of the better economical decisions a person can make. That being said though, there are still people who get caught up in the emotion of buying and the excitement which in turn can cloud better judgement.

 My role, as a Realtor is to identify the pros and cons of each condo you have looked at, the past history concerning price and and any known defects, issues or fee increases that may occur. Because I am into condo buildings daily, I get to know what the pros and cons are and because of the volume of business I do, I do not have to sugar coat or hide any thing.

 My past clients can attest to that!