340 Ambleside Drive London Ontario

   340 Ambleside Drive in North West London is an enclave of 38 condo townhouses near The University of  Western Ontario with easy access to Masonville Mall, hospitals and the big box stores in Hyde Park.

 In a family neighbourhood of London called Medway Meadows, schools are nearby as well!

  • 2016 average sale $234,375
  • 2015 average sale $221,900
  • 2014 average sale $216,080
  • 2013 average sale $215,370


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Looking For a Condo in London Ontario?

 If you are moving to London Ontario or looking to buy a house or a condo, one of the first questions I get asked is where are some of the better neighbourhoods in London?

 What about prices, what are houses and condos selling for in London? 

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Selling a Condo In London Ontario and Your Condo Corporation

   When thinking about selling your condo in London Ontario, besides the price and whom you select to represent you, you may want to get in touch with your London Ontario condo corporation before you list it on MLS.

checklist when selling a condo in London Ontario

  99% of the time, if you and the buyer agree on price, there will be a condition clause that states that the buyer's lawyer will have 7-10 days to review the status certificate provided by the condo management company.

  The buyer's lawyer is looking at the financial status of the corporation, to see if there are any unpaid condo fees or assessments from you, if there are any infractions, such as a screen missing, an unauthorized addition such as a deck, satelite dish etc.

  You would be surprised at the amount of hasty remedies, discussions that occurs if a lawyer finds out some things that you were not aware of.

  To ensure a smooth sale, take the time and effort to find out if there are any issues that could effect the final sale of your condo in London Ontario.

  The above step is only one of many we take to help our client's sale go smoother with less headaches and no surprises!

  It is the professional way