3320 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario

     3320 Meadowgate Blvd is in the Summerside neighbourhood of London with easy access to Veterans Memorial Parkway and Highway 401.

  This complex of townhouse condos in south east London is called Woodvale Walk. The original condominiums were a 2 storey low rise with a condo apartment on each level. The newer phase is now full town houses, with a basement etc.

  The apartments in 2016 have been selling in the $158,000 to $170,000 range and the townhouses $209,900 - $224,000.

 2016 Average Sale Price $187,548

 2015 Average Sale Price $178,750

 2014 Average Sale Price $177,000

 2013 Average Sale Price $172,000

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    Summerside is one of London Ontario's newer communities and is located in  the South East of London, East of Highbury, north of the 401, West of Veterans Memorial Parkway (Airport Road) and south on Commissioners Road East.  

      Summerside  has been growing at London's southeast edge of the city for about 14 years or so. Summerside holds a lot of appeal for those who wish to live in London, but whose work carries them to neighbouring communities such as St. Thomas, Ingersoll or Woodstock or quick access to Highway 401. 

   It is a popular area for younger families as house prices are attractive.  This community offers single family houses, condo townhouses, attached and de-tached condo bungalows and a gated condo corporation. There are houses being built all the time and the resale market is vibrant!

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Selling a Condo Town House in Summerside London Ontario?

 I help a lot of home owners sell their house or condo and from those experiences, I know what you are going through when thinking about putting your condo up for sale on MLS.

 It is a very big step, especially financial and if you are like me, I have worked very hard for my earnings and would not only like to protect what I have, but increase what I have. Who wouldn't

 Before putting your condo in London on the market  on MLS, how would you feel if you knew that when it sold, you could keep more money in your pocket?

           2,75 real estate commission London Ontario

Would that extra money help you:

  • Pay off some debt?
  • Allow you to travel more?
  • Add to your bank account?
  • Feel better?

  For most of us, that extra money we can save when selling our home can come in handy, so before listing your condo or house , I would like to help you learn more how you may be able to save some money.

 As well, if you are going to entrust one of the larges expenditures in your life with some one, what would you like to know about him or her? 

What questions could you ask and what kind of answers should you be hearing? 

Buying The Right Condo For You

I have helped hundreds of buyers over the years and especially when buying a condo in London or St.Thomas, I would say most were a little intimidated with the process or not sure where to start.

I put together a few guides for condo buyers to help them clarify in their mind the processes involved, questions to ask and where to start.

Over many pages on this website and our main Envelope Real Estate page, you will find free, no obligation guides and information.


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