302-482 Wilkins Street London Ontario

             302-482 Wilkins St London Ontario is an enclave of 90 townhouse condos called Highland Hills and less than 5 minutes to Parkwood Hospital, Childrens Hospital and Victoria Hospital and London Health Science Centre. 

  This well maintained, nicely landscaped complex is located off of Wellington Road South, easy access and on bus routes to downtown London and White Oaks Mall. These are 3 or 4 bedroom townhouses with a garage.

  In 2016 3 bedroom sales $179,000 to $193,000 and no 4 bedroom sales reported on MLS.

  In 2015 3 bedroom sales $154,900 to $175,000 and 4 bedroom $189,900

  In 2014 3 bedroom sales  $165,000 to $172,500 and 4 bedroom $189,900. 

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302-482 Wilkins Street Condos Are Selling!


Want To Maximize The Sale Price For Your Condo?  Experts Say “Start Planning 15-Days Ahead”

   What you do in the days before you put your condo on the market will determine how long your condo will take to sell, how much money you’ll get and how easy (or difficult) your selling experience will be.

maximize sale price of your London Ontario Condo

  There are some simple things that you can and should be doing right now to make sure you’ll get the highest price in the least amount of time.

   Condos in London Ontario are selling, especially townhouses for full price or even 5-15% more. However, why are some selling for asking price and others for more?

  Here is a case in point that I was involved in this weekend. I was representing a buyer who was looking for a townhouse in this complex because of the neighbourhood and proximity to her employment.

 There were 3 for sale , all listed within 24 hours. I requested appointments to see all 3 with my client and gave 24 hours notice to the listing agents. Two replied back within the hour, the other never got back to me, even after 3 calls including two emails.

 Any way, it is now Monday and all are sold! The one that the agent did not get back to me sold for $1,000 for under the asking price.

 One sold for $10,000 over asking price and the other $18,000 over! Was there much difference in condition or features? No there was not. Why the huge spread among the almost identical 3 units?

  • One unit had all the lights on, window drapes open and you could tell, freshly cleaned top to bottom, the listing had lots of pictures that showed the unit fairly, in other words, pictures were not air brushed etc.
  • One unit , which actually was the nicest of the 3, beds were not made, the listing information was incorrect and dishes in the sink.
  • The unit we could not see was sold by the listing sales person, she represented both parties and as I mentioned, it sold for $1,000 less than asking and from the pictures, looked really nice!

offer to buy a condo

 Strategy and the planning of when you list, how you list, how easy you make it for buyers to see your place and know what to expect will make a huge difference in your selling price.

 If you’re going to be selling your condo in London in the few months, my “Room-by-Room Review & Audit” will show you the very best things you could do to prepare your condo for sale, and get the highest return on your investment. There is no charge for this.

 What is the catch?

 I get to see your condo, you get to meet me and if you like what I do, when it comes time to put your condo on the market on MLS, you might give me a chance to help you.

 I’ll also point out things you shouldn’t do…things that you won’t get your money back on. I will also leave you a market review of your condo corporation and the latest innovative marketing tips to sell your condo.

 Of course, you are under no obligation whatsoever, book your review today! This is not a sales presentation, nor any pressure to list, no signing anything , actually, no pressure at all.

Some of The Best Townhouse Condos in London Ontario

Daily I receive emails or calls from people thinking of buying a condo in London and area asking about where the better condo locations are and the prices.

As well, I am constantly asked about amenities and distance from attractions, theatre etc. 

While I have not identified every condo building or complex in London, I have included some of the better ones.

 For townhouses or apartment buildings, let my experience and knowledge of the London Ontario condo market help you.

Have a look through the condo guide below, my clients have commented that it really helped then in their decision making!

London Ontario Condo Guide



Preparing Your Wilkins Street Townhouse Condo For Sale

 So, you have been thinking about putting your condo townhouse on Wilkins Street up for sale. Where do you start?

                                               Thinking about selling your condo in London

 For most sellers, they ask family members, next door neighbours or their hair dresser about what price and how to list a condo for sale! Or, they call a friend of a friend who used to sell real estate and ask him or her!

  Would you do the same thing if you has a sore foot? Ask around for advice or go see a doctor? I am pretty sure you would see a doctor, so why not ask for advice on listing your condo on MLS from someone who knows condos, is professional and can save you money?

  The way most home owners go about getting their condo sold is at best-pot luck! What would it mean to you if you could sell your condo quicker and in most cases, for more money and the names of a  thorough group of competent lawyers, trades people, movers and cleaners?

   What about peace of mind?