2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace Condos

 The condo townhouses (town homes) at 2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace in London Ontario over the last 6 months have sold extremely well with prices rising and the days on the market are less than normal which is indicative of the current London Ontario real estate market.

 What will the spring market be like? Good question , historically the spring market is strong and if the supply of quality homes in desirable neighbourhoods is scarce, prices will rise dramatically.

 Mortgage rates and or the banks tightening their lending policies will have little or no effect on most buyers as they are more finacially secure and the last 9 buyers I worked with did not need a mortgage to purchase.

 Bookmark this page and have a look in June, I will keep you informed.If you would like a more detailed analysis of the Byron market, let me know and I will be able to offer you a few insider tidbits!

2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace

     2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace is an  adult orientated condo community  in  Byron, Warbler Woods neighbourhood of London Ontario. Most of these one floor condominium town homes  have a double car garage and some backing on to green space.

 Cadeau Terrace London Ontario Condo Town Homes

 An excellent quiet location for nature lovers, golf enthusiasts and for those who travel and would like a safe upscale neighbourhood. depending on the Cadeau Terrace address, some of these are detached with walk outs.

  A very well maintained area, easy access to shopping, services and downtown London located off of Commissioners Road West.

 2 Cadeau Terrace 75 Units 

5 Cadeau Terrace 48 Units 

6 Cadeau Terrace 13 Units

7 Cadeau Terrace 34 Units

9 Cadeau Terrace 39 Units

10 Cadeau Terrace 9 Units

14 Cadeau Terrace 36 Units

18 Cadeau Terrace 43 Units

 These are all the condos & houses currently listed for sale on MLS in Byron.


                         Average Prices as per MLS

Address 2015  2016
2 Cadeau $289,788  $334,400
5 Cadeau $294,600 $315,000
6 Cadeau $358,900 $313,750
7 Cadeau No MLS Sales $274,250
9 Cadeau $265,000 $278,000
10 Cadeau $369,900 No MLS Sales
14 Cadeau $360,167 $330,000
18 Cadeau $314,199 $344,950


 Note: When you see a large spread between the 2015 prices to 2016, there can be many reasons for such an increase or decrease from year to year. There is no question that demand and appreciation have an effect, but also condition of the property, location, updates and the motivatiion of both the seller and the buyer.

 For my clients I do a detailed comparison to explain why!

Buying a Condo in Byron in London Ontario?

 Buying a condo in Byron  or anywhere else in London Ontario & area will take more time and diligence  than buying a house! 

Check out condos in London Ontario

  For a condo, not only will you be concerned about the quality of  unit and comparable prices, you and your professional Realtor will find out and understand the condo rules & regulations and by laws,  the financial status of the condo corporation, what the condo fees cover and any proposed condo fee increases. 

  Even the work a lawyer needs to do is more for a condo or should be more work and diligence required.

  This page  I wrote is to help condo buyers know what to look out for, why and when, plus a few other tips that should help your condo buying experience be smoother.

Do Buyers Yawn When They See A Condo For Sale at Cadeau Terrace?

  If you are thinking of selling your condo in London Ontario, how would market your condo effectively to get the results you want?                       

             Marketing a condo for sale in London Ontario takes more than just posting a for sale sign (and only if your condo corp allows signs) or getting a Realtor to put it on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), then, praying and hoping is sells!  In today’s market place, it takes assertive & innovative marketing to sell a condo!

  let buyers know your condo is for sale

                What do I mean?

                Well... in this market there are only so many buyers out there who are ready and able to purchase a condo. So, if you want results when you list a condo for sale, a wise Realtor should aggressively identify those potential buyers before other's guide them into a different property.                                 

                The fact is, when you enter the market to sell a condo, you enter one of the most competitive businesses in existence... anywhere!  Competition is strong and if you’re not ready for it... your condo can sit and sit and sit, on the market.  The first major key to effectively market your condo is to identify those potential buyers.

                So, how do you or your Realtor identify those “hot” buyers before the competition?  This is where the “rubber meets the road”!  This is what separates the weak or the lazy from the smart, business-minded marketing professional you want to hire. 



What Matters to Me

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record

    I believe that the “right real estate person” and real estate company has more to do with character traits & innate capabilities than with how many years in the business, size  or brand. We all have heard of 10 years of one years experience! 

   My values are not ego-driven nor is my goal to be the largest or fanciest real estate brokerage. I seek to understand what matters  most to you, my client, and then fulfilling those needs with clarity & efficiency.


   In a nutshell, the integrity to get the job done, do it right each and every time. I tell people I don't buy or sell real estate, I offer peace of mind! 


  My core value is that all clients must be treated with respect and courtesy and that their real estate transaction is as important to me as it is to me!


  In turn, I attract great clients , I attract really good people to come and work for us, either as a supplier (home inspectors, trade's people, lawyers & mortgage lenders), sales people and staff. We care about you

 An oil well fire fighter once quoted " If you think a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur"