240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario

 240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario

 240 Village Walk Blvd London Ontario is a luxury highrise apartment condominium  building located just off Sunnningdale Road West, off of Richmond Street North and about two kilometers northwest of Masonville Mall .

 The heating and cooling systems are provided through a centralized gas-fired boiler and water cooling method. The heat is included in the condo fees and the building has thermal windows.

  240 Village Walk patio

This quality building has a fitness center, indoor pool, billiards room, theatre, lounge and underground parking.

 240 Village Walk Pool  240 Village Walk Fitness Centre

The building has a mixture of one bedroom plus den  and ranging in size between 1051-1111 sq. ft. and two bedrooms plus den are 1402-1804 sq. ft.

2016 prices start at $265,000 for a one bedroom plus den and depending on the model for a 2 bedroom model around the $359,000 mark and lately a sale for $625,000 for a larger 2 bedroom.

240 Village Walk London Ontario

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260 Village Walk is almost built with 60% of units sold already!

For current listings and for all condos in London Ontario , go to Vertical Living London Ontario

What is The Best Way to Sell a Condo in London Ontario?

  From the early ages on to today, there are  two ways to sell a condo, the price approach or the traffic approach.

  Real estate sales people have been taught and  are still being taught the price approach . You list a property at a certain price, if it doesn't sell in a month, reduce the price, and then another month, reduce the price and so on! Then when the price gets so low, the vultures come out.

 lining up to buy a condo in London Ontario


  The second way to sell a home is the traffic approach. In other words, effectively market the property to get a lot of traffic to the home. That means effective websites, blogging, social media, direct marketing, promotions , you name it, get enough qualified buyers to see your home so they can buy it.

   You can have the prettiest, fanciest and largest billboard in the desert, but if nobody sees it, nothing happens.

  Now, my approach is definitely the market approach.                                                             


Resizing In London Ontario?

                                   Downsizing From a House to a condo


    Life changes—children grow up and leave home, you or your partner have decided to move on, you don’t need as much space or your financial means may change. Any of these reasons may prompt you to consider resizing: reducing your possessions and moving to a smaller house or a condo, or larger!

   What’s involved? Relocating to a new home that’s more suitable to your current needs requires well-planned steps, including financial planning, logistics and perhaps even keeping it simple by  paring down your possessions. Social and health considerations also may play a role.

  Like any long-term commitment, consider the benefits and limitations resizing may have..

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