163 Pine Valley Drive London Ontario

         163 Pine Valley Drive is an enclave  of  55 one floor condo town homes in London Ontario  in the  Westmount neighbourhood  with great access to shopping, dining and downtown London. A very well maintained property, double car garages, large room sizes and a very pleasant area.

  In 2015, there was an issue with drainage from the expansion of Southdale Road and the City of London, but has now been rectified!  The average selling price in 2016 was $264,900.

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163 Pine Valley Drive London Ontario One floor condo townhouses in London OntarioOne floor townhouse condos in London Ontario


How To Sell Your Condo at 163 Pine Valley Drive For More!

  When you are thinking about selling your condo, it is quite natural to have some perplexing thoughts and receive 'free' advice from family, friends and neighbours! Though they mean well, is that what and how you will base your decisions on concerning that large sum of money ?

 In a recent Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) survey, 86% of home sellers wished they had known more about the home selling process, especially condos  and that they would have done things differently if they knew what they now know!

Here are a few suggestions, ideas and tips that will assist you in the best practices and questions you may want to ask before llisting your home on MLS.

What You May Want to Know About Condos in London Ontario

  When starting your search for a condo in London Ontario, you have a lot of thoughts going through your head, a few fears !  Buying a condo in London Ontario should not be a puzzle.

 Are you wondering about?

                   thinking about buying a condo

  • Location
  • Style
  • Prices
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Financing
  • Where to Start


  I have written a few guide lines that have worked quite well for my past clients and that you can use to help relieve a bit of stress and to know what kind of questions to ask and when.

 You will definitely never over pay for any home again