1600 Adelaide Street North

                 1600 Adelaide Street North London Ontario

   1600 Adelaide Street North has the location and price to make this has  high rise condominium building in London Ontario sought after. Known as Stoneybrook Towers this well looked after highrise condo building is well maintained and have one and two bedroom units for sale.

  • Bus routes to Western & Fanshawe
  • Sobey's, Home Depot, Tim Horton's across the street
  • Visitor parking
  • Exercise Room
  • Party Room
  • 2016 Average price for one bedroom $94,500
  • 2016 Average price for a two bedroom $122,900

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Want to Buy a Condo Apartment in London Ontario?

 Buying a condo in London can be a lot less inexpensive if you are aware of how you can save money and know what to look out for when selecting a Realtor, the building and the location of the unit in the building.

  Jumping in the water with both feet may be fine for some, but jumping into buying a condo and not planning can really hurt!

Sell Your Condo at 1600 Adelaide Street N Quicker

The Average Days it Took For a Condo Sell in 1600 Adelaide Street North Was 54 Days in 2016!

 Why so long?

 Successful condo sellers will tell you that listing a condo (is far different than listing a house for sale) will take more than just putting up a For Sale sign & putting your condo on MLS, then praying and wishing it will sell, anybody can do that!

                                                Apartment condo sold

 Contrary to popular belief, when selling your London Ontario condo its value is determined by one thing and one thing only what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for it. No more and no less. Sure, many sellers will argue that their condo has an insurance replacement value, or an appraised value, or a tax assessed value, but unless your insurance agent, your banker, or your tax assessor is willing to write you a cheque for the condo guess what?

None of that matters.

A home without a buyer has no value in the market place. Sure it might have a value to you the seller, and it might have a value to your banker, and to your insurance agent, and to your appraiser. But none of these people are buyers.

 The secret to pricing your condo to sell 

It's not what you think the condo is worth that matters, it's what a reasonable buyer will think your condo is worth that will ultimately determine if your condo will sell.

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