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1600 Adelaide Street London Ontario

                 1600 Adelaide Street North London Ontario

   1600 Adelaide Street London Ontario has a great location and great prices  to make this high rise condo apartment building in London Ontario one of the best values in London. Known as Stoneybrook Towers this well maintained highrise condo building has  one and two bedroom units and when they become available for sale, they do not last long!

  • Bus routes to Western & Fanshawe
  • Sobey's, Home Depot, Tim Horton's across the street
  • Visitor parking
  • Exercise Room
  • Party Room
  • In 2017, 6 apartment condos were sold through our MLS system, averaging 103.7% of the asking price and taking about 13 days to sell.
  • I have prepared a 22 page analysis of the 6 units that did sell, with prices , amenities and some helpful ideas. If you are either a buyer or a seller, having this information before you make any decisions will make a huge difference to your bank account! You can get this information further down the page.
  • 2016 Average price for one bedroom $94,500
  • 2016 Average price for a two bedroom $122,900

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1600 Adelaide Street London Ontario Smart Real Estate To Do's

 truth is a principle of Envelope Real Estate

 I believe to help someone's buying and selling experience to be not only stress free, but to make economical and practical sense!  it is my role as a real estate professional to provide clients with as much valuable factual information as possible. It is essential that the buyer or seller be aware of all aspects of the real estate market before making a major decision.

 Unfortunately, there is a tremendous amout of misinformation in the market place and it can literally freeze a buyer or a seller's mindset. I understand that and have made it one of my companies principles, facts and the brutal truth and not perceptions, ego or ambitous bluster.

 Whether it be through newsletters, checklists or news articles, we are here to make this process stress-free and rewarding.

 Please access our free reports today!

1600 Adelaide St London Ontario 2017 Analysis & Good Real Estate Habits
This 22 page report includes the details of the 6 sales in this building for 2017, such as asking price and sales price, amenities, days on the market and very helpful information if you were ever thinking of buying or selling an apartment in this building
Step by Step Seller Chart
This simple, one page process chart starts with you thinking of selling and ends with you meeting with your lawyer and giving the keys to the new owners and you receiving a cheque! Hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much easier!
What We Do When We List A Property & The Others Don't or Won't Do!
We put our money where our mouth is, in black and white, in plain English! We are not afraid to publicly publish what we do, even if other Realtors want to copy and try to emulate our work ethic! If they copy what we do; great, I thank them for helping our profession be better. And, if someone does more than we do, please let us know, becoming better is much more beneficial to us all than just being good!
Step by Step Buyer Chart
Follow these steps from starting to think about buying a condo to getting the keys from your lawyer to be able to move in. Miss any of these steps and you may have a few challenges!
A Real Estate Buyer System That Works Every Time
Condo price negotiating is an art and requires considerable skill to get the best result. As professionals, we know how to value and negotiate, we have been around the block a few times, and we know the games some people may play!
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Want to Buy a Condo Apartment in London Ontario?

 Buying a condo in London can be a lot less inexpensive if you are aware of how you can save money and know what to look out for when selecting a Realtor, the building and the location of the unit in the building.

  Jumping in the water with both feet may be fine for some, but jumping into buying a condo and not planning can really hurt!

Can You Rent Out Your Apartment Condo in London Ontario

  As a condominium owner, you are free to rent your unit to whomever you choose. But before you begin looking for the right tenant, it is essential that you understand some of the obligations and restrictions that may impact your search.

   Being a landlord of your apartment condo in London Ontario

 Each condo has its own set of documentation, which you should review prior to entering into a lease with a prospective tenant. Some buildings require a minimum length of term for a lease by enacting short term tenancy rules, while others may not have any such restrictions.

  It is also important to see if there are any other rules or provisions in the documentation which could limit the number of occupants you can rent to. Some condominiums have occupancy standards which limit the number of people residing in the unit based on the number of bedrooms or square footage of the unit. Many condos have provisions which stipulate that the unit can be occupied only as a single family residence. This could prevent you, for example, from renting to a group of students.

  Once the unit is rented, you have an obligation to notify the condominium board or property management that your unit is rented and will be required to provide certain information. In Ontario, for example, every person leasing their unit must provide the condo corporation with a copy or a summary of the lease.

 Owner responsibility

  Owners should always provide copies of the condominium documentation to their tenants. Indeed, in some provinces, this is mandated by legislation. Owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants, and this would include any costs relating to damage caused by the tenants or any costs associated with breaches of rules.

  Once the documentation is provided to the tenant, you should highlight some of the restrictions. These usually include areas such as the types of window coverings permitted, whether there is a requirement to cover hardwood flooring, pet rules, noise restrictions, barbeque prohibitions, smoking rules and any parking space limitations (including motorcycles, scooters and Smart Cars).

  It is often a good idea to incorporate reference to the condominium documentation into any lease with your tenant and to seek advice from a lawyer as to what additional provisions should be included. Your lawyer should also explain how the interplay between the condominium legislation and residential tenancy laws may impact on your termination rights in the event that your tenant does not comply with the condo documentation.

  Insurance needs

  You will also need to advise your insurance company that you are renting your unit and should stress the importance of your tenants obtaining their own policy to get appropriate coverage.

  You will continue to have an obligation to pay maintenance fees, common expenses and property taxes as a condominium owner. If there are separate meters for utilities, you will need to determine whether you are passing those costs on to the tenant or if you are absorbing them yourself. If the tenant is paying, then you will have to provide notification to the utility providers.

  Notices of meetings, financial and other information will continue to be sent to the address noted on the records of your condominium, so it is important that you provide your current address. If you want your tenant to attend and vote at meetings, then you can provide a power of attorney or a proxy for each meeting. In some instances, condominiums permit tenants to be elected to the board of directors.

  If you intend to use any amenities in the building after you rent your unit, you may find non-resident owners are not be entitled to use such facilities. You will need to check to see if this is one of the restrictions for non-resident owners in the condo documentation.

  Remember that as an owner, you continue to be responsible for your unit, including maintenance of certain items that are set out in the documentation. Check to see what items you are responsible for. Items such as smoke detectors, washer hoses, dryer vents and fan coil units are commonly your responsibility, and any failure to maintain could result in damages and liability. Being proactive and conducting inspections of the unit on an on going basis will go a long way in reducing any risks of maintenance failures.

This was written by Denise Lash, a condominium lawyer at Heenan Blaikie

 One of the first things I do when representing a client wishing to purchase a condo in London Ontario is to ensure my clients know what can and cannot be done by not only me, but their lawyer  and the condo board as well!

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