Lawsuit, Poor Governance or ?????

 This complex is located right across from Masonville Mall and bordres on Richmond St and Sunnyside. Over the years these 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units have been sought after because of the location, price and the proximity to The University of Western Ontario.

 The 4 buildings at Masonville Gardens were in need of updating, be it the windows, lobbies, roof, electrical, facade and eliminating the wood fireplaces and restructuring the balconies and excavating the foundation around all 4 buildings.

 Jacksway Court troubles

 The complex will look great when completed however, right now there is a legal quagmire, see this link here in The London Free Press.

 There have been some sales over the past year or two and I have talked a few buyers from buying these, especially investors and parents for their children. What amazes me the most are the buyers who have purchased in there without getting a status report or their lawyers not thoroughly reviewing the report and allowing their clients to buy!

  An experienced professional Realtor would know about troubled condo corporations, the history and the challenges. That is not to say those challenges could not be overcome by a professional, (there is always a way), yet people make poor choices when spending $1000's of dollars because they will not listen or allow their bravado to overcome common sense.

1,5,9,15 Jacksway Crescent


  entrance to Jacksway cr

Masonville Gardens is a condominium complex located in north London, at 1, 5, 9 and 15 Jacksway Crescent, across from Masonville Mall. Plenty of restaurants, shopping and services all within walking distance.

 There are  332 condominium units located in 4 buildings. They consist of  2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, some with 1 1/2 bathrooms, a few three bedroom units & a few one bedroom units. Lots of free open parking, units have balconies except the ground floor units and all have gas fire places!

   5 jacksway Cr London Ontario

  The complex is less than 1 mile to the University of Western Ontario and University Hospital & on a direct bus route.

 landscaped condos at Jacksway Cr London Ont


 This complex has gone through and still going through extensive exterior maintenance with new roofs, windows and doors, balconies and the exterior recladed, wood fireplaces converted to gas and landscaping.

In turn, special assessments were required from each unit owner to pay for these neccesary improvements and when completed, even more popular because of the location.

The turmoil and construction took a toll on sales for 2016 but as mentioned, when the work is completed, sales will sky rocket again!

   All Condos for sale on MLS in London Ontario


  • 1 bedroom $110,000
  • 2 bedroom $132,500
  • 3 bedroom $144,125


  • 1 Bedroom average price $110,000
  • 2 Bedroom average price $128,150
  • 3 Bedroom average price $157,900


1,5,9,15 Jacksway Cr google map

Going to Western & Buying a Condo in London?

Over the years I have worked with many families looking to purchase a condo or a house for their son or daughter while attending Western University.

Two of the biggest concerns are:

  1. Is the area safe and how close to Western?
  2. Will my investment be a prudent one and when my son or daughter graduates, will the property appreciate in value?


All valid concerns which I cover in this special report.

University of Western Ontario Investment Properties

Selling Your Jacksway Cr Condo in London

 Before putting your condo on the market, it makes sense to be fully aware of prices, market conditions, your legal responsibilities and of course, how you can sell it in a shorter period of time.

                                              Sell your Jacksway Condo with us


  Before putting your condo up for sale, learn how to:

  • Dress Up Your Condo To Sell
  • Price  it Correctly
  • Do Not Limit Your Market Exposure
  • Do You Know The difference between Market Value & Perceived Value
  • What Are Your Legal Obligations?


  And these Very Important Points:

  • How to set the asking price to maximize exposure and a profitable sale.
  • How do you really define and compare market value between homes?
  • How the total market performance may affect your home sale – positive or negative.
  • How negotiating skills can make a huge difference to your bottom line
  • How to handle buyers during a showing to help yield the highest price.


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