1499 Byron Baseline Road West

  1499 Byron Baseline Road West is in Byron and on the edge of Warbler Woods. This 39 unit enclave of detached  town homes (condominiums)  have a mix of single and double car garages. the grounds are extremely well cared for and in a very desirable neighbourhood of London.

 1499 Byron Baseline Road W Townhouses

  • 2013 sales from $298,000 to $329,000
  • 2014 sales from $229,900  to $339,900 
  • 2015, there was one sale for $347,500 which was the asking price and only 8 days on the market!
  • 2016 there were 3 sales from $272,000 to $313,000


 As you can see, quite a disparity in price and a few reasons for that.

 Condos in Byron

 These are all the condos & houses currently listed for sale on MLS in Byron.

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