1030 Coronation Drive London Ont

1030 Coronation Drive is another fine, quality built 182 unit condo apartment building built by Tricar and is in the Hyde Park neighbourhood in North West London Ontario.

Easy access to the University of Western Ontario and downtown London, 2 minutes to the big box stores, restaurants, banks and service providers.

In 2016, there were 20 sales, averaging $258,677 and they took about 61 days to sell which is above the average days on the market in London Ontario. I have researched the 20 units and of those, 17 could either have been marketed better or priced more agressively.

In 2015 on our MLS system, there were 13 sales, from $245,000 to $285,000 excluding the penthouse suite that sold!

The condo fees include heat, water and air conditioning, there is underground parking, lockers available, an exercise room if you don't want to use the stairs and a media room to fall asleep if you do use the stairs!

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1030 Coronation Drive

1030 Coronation Drive, a complex to relax in

1030 Coronation Drive Model 2A

Model 2A

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Model 2D 1030 Coronation Drive

How to Find the Right Condo In London For You

  Have you found yourself doing the following?

  • Driving around different neighbourhoods looking?
  • Going to Open Houses or Model Homes?
  • Searching MLS?
  • Picking up real estate magazines that are at least a month old and the properties are sold?


 Those are all  good first steps and you can do those at your own pace. Are you aware that you may not being seeing all the properties out there that may fit your criteria? Sometimes when I show condos in London, I have had buyers tell me that they did not know that so and so complex or building even existed!

 As well, I usually have a list of condos for sale that are not on MLS yet. It could be that the owner is tidying up or doing some last minute touch ups, or waiting for the transfer to come through or other reasons and they have asked me that if I have a motivated buyer for their unit, bring them through!

The consumer MLS web site that is available for the general public is  difficult to navigate at the best of times and not all condo listings may not be included in your search!

There is a better, more accurate way!

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Why Pricing Your Condo Correctly in London is Important


  I keep track of condos in London that are for sale, how long it takes to sell( days on the market) and what percentage of the sale price to the asking price. What is the reason why some condos sell for 98%-99% of the asking price and are sold within 23 days and others receive 95-96% of the asking price, are on the market an average 77 days or do not sell at all?

 When a condo in London Ontario is not priced correctly the first day it goes on the market , here are the consequences:

  • A Low Final Sales Price - An overpriced condo, still on the market beyond the average selling time, usually leads to a lower selling price. To sell it, you will have to reduce the price, sometimes several times. In the end,you’ll likely get less than if it had been properly priced at the start.

  • Limited Buyers - Potential buyers may not view your condo, because it may be out of their buying range.

  • Limited Showings - Realtors may be reluctant to view your condo or bring their clients because the listing is stale and their buyers wonder what is wrong with the place.

  • Wasted Time and Energy - For example, a buyer who gets a bank appraisal on an overpriced condo will quickly determine that they've wasted their time because the appraisal will not support the inflated sales price and will not be able to get the financing!


                       Weeks on Market For a House to Sell

  Well kept condos in London, properly priced when you first list it will always get you a quicker sale and  97% of the time the best price! 

 Ty Lacroix A House Sold Name !