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     The demand for precise condo information was evident to me as my sales volume of London Ontario condos increased. Specialized knowledge about condo regulations, by-laws, apartment buildings and condo complexes was lacking and it was a niche I could fulfill by building this website.

Building condos in London web site

  It will not be the prettiest, or award winning or about being Number 1 this or  the largest or the fanciest office blah blah stuff.

 I believe that to be able to make good decisions, a person should have the correct and up to date information.

  I have built my business around attracting  clients who value correct information & solutions and  unlike most real estate sites where they want your name, address, email, how many children you have, the colour of your socks, if you are left or right handed, there is none of that.

 Whether this is your first real estate experience, or your 6th, I hope this web site will answer some questions, address your concerns, and help you with your real estate quest. 

 As well, for all condos for sale in Southwest Ontario  this site has walk scores, active maps and more information without you having to ransom your children, your dog or cat to get information!

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Condos in London Condo Guide

 About 10 years ago I put together my first London condo guide. The intent was to show the styles of condos that were available in London Ontario, plus the various price ranges and a list of services that were available in London.

  Obviously over the years I have made some changes to improve the book, the intent is still there to provide a basic overall view of condos in London.

   Some things you will not find in the guide:

  • MLS listings or my listings

  • All the condos in London Ontario

  • Address & Phone # of every condo corporation in London

  • All their condo rules and regulations

  • Promoting our services or telling you how good we are

London Ontario Condo Guide


What is The London Ontario Condo Market Doing?

  Every day I get asked these 4 questions about the London Ontario condo market.

  1. “What is the London Ontario condo market doing?”
  2. “When is the best time to buy or sell a condo?”
  3. “How much should I offer?”
  4. “What should I list it for?”

​  London Ontario Condo Market

    The first step in answering any of the above 4 questions is knowing how the London condo market performed and the chart below for the period January 1, 2016 to December 28, 2016  does.




Average Selling Price

% of Selling Price to Asking

Days on the



Apartment High Rise



26 days to sell


Apartment Low Rise



34 days to sell





16 days to sell


One Floor Attached



13 days to sell


One Floor  Detached



17 days to sell


 From my experience in helping educate Londoners about condos in London, these averages may not hold true for your building or complex.


 Depending on the location and price and the current real estate market, some have sold for full price or more in one or two days! Some, 2-3 months to sell, if at all! For example, the  last 4 condos I handled sold for full price and were on the market less than 5 days!

 Before buying a condo in London or selling a condo in London, you may want to get what I call “brutal truth factual numbers” about what prices are today and not an opinion where prices are heading or what someone received for their unit 6 months ago.

 Price, condition, style and location dictates what a condo sells for and how long it will take to sell. For buyers, you will be assured of not over paying and for condo sellers, you will not leave money on the table or over price your condo because of blind optimism or false perceptions!


 Works every time!

Condos in London Ontario Blog

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